這本由德國造紙廠”Gmund Paper”於2019年發行的自有雜誌,以“Why water matters”作為主題,講敘了關於造紙廠的故事、作為造紙技術的根本「水」延續至如何永續環境的議題。





(1) Gmund Heidi Used White
(2) Gmund Bio Cycle Chlorophyll
(3) Gmund Colos Matt 23

If a paper mill were to produce a magazine today, what would it look like? This self-published magazine by the German paper mill “Gmund Paper” in 2019 has “Why water matters” as its theme, telling the story of the paper mill, the fundamental importance of water in papermaking, and the issue of sustainable environment.

The cover features a blue-green water surface photo and the characteristic texture of paper (Note 1), cleverly merged through printing technology. When you touch and pick it up to prepare for reading, you will feel, “Wow, this material is really great!”

The main content of the magazine is interspersed with different types of paper that correspond to the theme of each page. Many bold printing techniques are used, such as the rough grass green paper (Note 2) with black ink depicting the details of plant leaves, echoing the color of the paper that is dyed with chlorophyll. You can even smell a hint of grass on the surface, leaving a sensory impression.

Next, there is a description of the environmental issue of marine waste. Color photos of waste piled up on the shore are printed on gray paper (Note 3), forcing people to pay attention to this serious issue and concentrate on thinking about it. The combination of material and content is truly impressive.

I think it’s not just about using different types of paper. This paper mill located in southern Germany has created many environmentally friendly papers that are truly meaningful in the world. Based on this foundation, they have stripped away the glamorous veil of luxury packaging and use a simple and sincere attitude to create good materials. Even today, the memories I have of visiting their papermaking process are still vivid in my mind.

もし今日紙工場が雑誌を製造するとしたら、どのようになるでしょうか? 2019年にドイツの紙工場「Gmund Paper」が自主制作したこの雑誌は、「なぜ水が重要なのか」というテーマで、紙工場の物語、紙作りにおける水の基本的な重要性、そして持続可能な環境の問題を伝えています。